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Welcome Streaming Media UK
Written by Alex Wolfe   


This website is the definitive resource for streaming media on the Internet..Here you will find everything you need on: Streaming Media, Webcasting, Video On Demand, Net TV, Net Radio, IPTV and webcasting.

The industry's experts post the latest news and information here as well as discussing new technologies and methods. From the latest in broadband mobile phone streaming to satellite uplinks you will find it here. If you have something to say submit an article to us for publication or add some chat to our new Streaming Media forum. If you have a new appointment at your company or a press release to submit on a webcast or new business feel free to submit it to our us for publication.

At StreamingMedia.co.uk we want to hear from you, so let us know what you have to say! We always welcome comments and your thoughts.

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Astream.com Free Trial
Written by Alex Wolfe   

Astream are now offering a Free Trial of their CDN !

As one of the leading Streaming Service Providers, you will not find a better supplier of video hosting including Flash and Windows Media (silverlight) formats.

Live Webcast and Video On Demand Experts

Winners of Best Streaming for an unprecedented 3 years in a row, they deliver personal support and expert advice.

To claim mention StreamingMedia.co.uk in the comment box once you have clicked the free trial button:


See their enhanced Web Based Transcoding system here:

VSAT - Streaming from Muddy Fields, and other Fibreless Locations
Contributed by Jon Gilbert   

When an event location is selected, the main criteria for selection often doesn't consider how many Mbps of terrestrial connectivity exist for a production's Live Webast. This is probably a good thing, or Glastonbury would be held at the NEC and called Birmingham.  

Sometimes, there simply isn't the time to pull in fibre where it didn't previously lie, and other times, there simply isn't the budget to pay "Non-Descript British Telecommunications Company Notorious for Missing Lead Times by Massively Unfunny Margins" or whoever, what they might require to run fibre from the nearest exchange. In these instances, VSAT represents a valuable tool.

Example BBC Springwatch Webcast :

Fixed-Site 96cm antennae IP Satellite BBC Springwatch cabins

See more photos by clicking below:

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